What is Brand Identity?

Brand Identity is the emotional link between your business and your target audience. It is the thing that makes your audience feel they need a product or service and means that you don’t need to “hard sell” to your target audience.

Brands such as Cadburys, Apple and Heinz know how important their brand identity is and invest millions on protecting it and keeping it consistent. You may not have millions to spend, but you should value your brand as an important element of your business.

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How do you create a Brand?

Think of your Brand like a book. The cover is the visual side which initially interests and engages your audience which would be your brand design: your logo, promotional material and your website.

However, for many businesses they stop at the cover. A book cannot be a book without the story and this is where the Brand Strategy comes in.

Your brand strategy identifies your mission, your vision, your values. It understands your target audience and knows who your competitors are.

You need both brand design (aka your book cover) and brand strategy (aka your story) to create a strong brand identity.

How I can help?

Everyone can be at different stages of their branding journey so I have various ways to help you at whatever stage you are at.


If you are just beginning your journey and are still a bit unsure how it works, I have some free resources that you can access and start learning about how you can implement your brand identity in your business.


For those who simply do not have time to learn about brand identity you can access one of my services to create a truly bespoke brand design that represents you and your business perfectly. All my services can be put on payment plans to help you spread the cost of your brand work.

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