What is Brand Identity?

Your (sort of) quick guide to what brand identity is and why you need it!

Imagine this...

It is almost Christmas. The nights are drawing in and your favourite thick jumper has been retrieved from your drawer.

The summer clothes have been put away for the time being and you are sitting curled up on your sofa drinking your favourite hot drink…


As you sip it you are watching TV, waiting for a rerun of Downton Abbey or to catch up with Corrie when suddenly you hear it:


“Holidays are coming”

You know exactly what this is. You don’t even need to look up to the screen to be picturing that bright red train of trucks rumbling through the snow and pine trees. You are even singing the song in your head now. 

But wait….

Coca Cola (spoiler alert if you hadn’t got it) has absolutely nothing to do with Christmas. In fact, it’s drunk all year around. 

What the hell just happened?

Don’t worry you’re not being brainwashed…okay, you kind of are but let me explain.


When you see the red of the coca cola bottles, or hear the coca cola jingle (you know the one), or even go out to see the Christmas train of trucks when they go on tour, that is Coca Cola’s brand working. 

So what is Brand Identity?

A Brand Identity is the the emotional link between your business and your target audience.


Instead of relying on the age old “car-salesman” tactics to get a sale, Coca Cola is using emotion to get you to buy their product. By doing so they can guarantee regular sales every day all year around.  And they are not alone. Think about some brands you know and love – Cadburys, Apple, Heinz, IKEA – they are all well known brands and they do the same thing as Coca Cola.

But I'm not as big as THOSE Brands...

Maybe not (or not yet!) and you might not even have the money to spend as much as they do on branding (and it’s A LOT!) BUT you can achieve the same results by investing in your business brand.


By taking time to work on your brand you will be able to:

  • Get consistent sales every month without you even having to pitch for the job!
  • Get a loyal audience who will buy from you, tell their friends and family about you and shout about you from the rooftops without you even needing to ask them!
  • Save you money on marketing!
  • Give you time to focus on other areas of your business and still keep you visible.


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How do you create a Brand?

Think of your Brand like a book. The cover is the visual side which initially interests and engages your audience which would be your brand design: your logo, promotional material and your website.


However, for many businesses they stop at the cover. A book cannot be a book without the story and this is where the Brand Strategy comes in.

Your brand strategy identifies your mission, your vision, your values. It understands your target audience and knows who your competitors are.

You need both brand design (aka your book cover) and brand strategy (aka your story) to create a strong brand identity.

Okay, I realise that I need to get a brand - now what?

So you have two options:

Brand by Me is my 1:1 service for you if you do not have time to create your brand or are finding it overwhelming trying to learn about it. In this service, we will go over everything that you need to create a strong and consistent brand that you can release to the world!

Brand by You are for you D.I.Yers out there. Perhaps you are not quite ready to invest and just need a little guidance and that’s okay! I have lots of resources for you to look at that can help you on your branding journey!

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