The Mindful Stop| Brand Identity

Creating a peaceful brand for the Mindful Stop

Logo Design The Mindful Stop
Brand Designer The Mindful Stop Website
Brand by Me Website design for the Mindful Stop

The Mindful Stop is to help people who are feeling stressed and overwhelmed to just “Stop”. 


Our lives have become increasingly on demand. With smart phones pinging emails to us and social media vying for our attention it’s inevitable that we begin to feel that things are getting on top of us. 


Learning a way to just switch off is great for our mental health, and is exactly what company does through teaching people techniques to just stop. 


When we started talking about the business it was clear to Sarah – the owner of The Mindful Stop – that she wanted something that represented that calming experience through her brand. 


Pastel colours worked well with this and we used a font that was simple and easy to read. Her logo with a circle represents a full stop and the word “Stop” is highlighted in a different colour to again emphasis that idea of pausing. 


Her website continued along the same calming theme using mainly pastel blues and yellows. Calming images of nature were also used to emphasise that feeling of calmness.