Terms & Conditions

Table of Contents

Brand by You
1. Definitions & Interpretations
    1. “BrandUp” means the 1:1 service provided by Keppel Leopard Creative.
    2. “Company” means Keppel Leopard Company.
    3. “Founder” Means the Founder of Keppel Leopard Creative Katie Cope.
    4. “Member” means the person who has purchased the Membership in it’s entirety or product(s).
    5. “Membership” means the full Brand by You membership
    6. “Product” means the sections (Strategy, Design, Protect) in the membership.
    7. “Q&A” means the monthly zoom meeting for Members to attend.
2. General Terms
    1. The Founder holds all copyright to the content within the Membership and its products (videos, slideshows, additional researouses, downloads and the content within them).
    2. The Member may use the content for their own personal use.
    3. The Member is not permitted to print, copy, publish or edit the content within the Membership and its products for commercial use. 
    4. The Member is not permitted to use any the content (parts or in its entirety) within the membership and its products to produce their own content for commercial use. 
    5. The Member is not permitted to record any live workshops or speakers for private and/or commercial use.
    6. The Member is aware that the membership and its products are non refundable once purchased.
    7. The Member may cancel their membership or access to the product(s) at any time without notice or administrative fees.
    8. The Member may re-join the membership or product(s) within 12 months and keep their experience points. 
    9. The Member will be automatically added to the Company emailing list. If the Member does NOT want to be part of this list they must email the Company at hello@keppelleopardcreative.com.
3. Membership Benefits
    1. The Member can only access the 30% discount given on BrandUp if they remain a member for the duration of the project. 
    2. Members can only access workshops and speakers for free if they are part of the Membership.
    3. The monthly Q&A meeting will be cancelled if there are less than 3 attendees at the Q&A.
4. Affiliate Scheme
    1. All members can access the affiliate scheme.
    2. Members receive 10% commission on either a single product membership or full membership.
    3. Members will receive their payments on the last Friday of every month.
    4. The cut-off date for payments will be the 15th of every month.