Brand Boost your Business in 1 hour with my Awesome Power Hour!


Brand boost your business in 1 hour!


Get to grips with your brand in a power hour session with me. Over a zoom call we will discuss your business and look at where your brand can help you smash those all important goals. Go away with some clear objectives to achieve with your brand and clarity on what to do next!



Brand boost your business and give your brand that push it deserves!

You’ve got your business, and it’s going okay but it is not quite getting you to where you want to be. Have you ever thought it might be your brand holding you back?


As a brand specialist, I show small businesses how valuable a brand identity can be. There is a misconception that brands are exclusive to big companies making money – that is not the case! You may even have an identity and you didn’t even know it!


Brand boost is a meeting conducted over a 1 hour zoom call.  During the call, we will go over your business in full and discuss what you want to achieve with your business. Through the meeting we will look at ways your brand can help you get to where you need to be and set you some objectives to complete for your brand.


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