Brand by Me



Content: Full review and confirmation of Brand Strategy for your business.

Creative: All design elements required to make your brand visible.

Conclusion: All brand design files sent to you and a Brand Care Guide created for you so you can look after your brand.

Consistency: an audit conducted 6 months after your brand has been implemented.



Your brand is like a book: the cover is the brand design such as your logo, website, promotional material, social media and much more.

However, you cannot have a book without any pages or story. This is where your brand strategy comes in.

You need to have a strategy in place BEFORE you create your designs. Not only will this give your audience something to really engage in, it will also save you money by only investing in design work you really need.

There are 6 chapters to creating your brand:

Chapter 1: Consultation

This happens before the project begins where we discuss your business, where you are now and what you want to achieve.


Chapter 2: Content

We discuss your business in detail, decide on your vision, mission, values, audience and identify your competitors.


Chapter 3: Creative

At this stage we create everything that you need to make your brand visible.


Chapter 4: Conclusion

Finalise all your design work and brand work. You will receive a Brand Care Guide and all files for you to use for your brand.


Chapter 5: Consistency

6 months after your brand has been completed, we will conduct an audit of your brand to check that there are no changes that need to be made.


Chapter 6: Celebrate

Okay, this is not really a chapter but it is time to celebrate your new brand!


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