lost jobs 2020

Lost Jobs 2020

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Why lost jobs can be a good thing

The other day I pitched for a commission. I had done this type of job many times before and I had plenty of examples. However, on this occasion, they decided to go with someone else.

As a business owner lost jobs means you have missed out on money. Money for your business, money for your family, money for you.

But I’m okay with it.

Relationship is key

I have amazing relationships with the clients that I work with. I know exactly what they want, how they want it, and how to calm their fears and concerns.

When I pitch for work I like to get to know my clients. It is a necessity to allow me to do my job properly. I get to know them so I can understand what design they are looking for.

In the early days, when I was just dipping my toe into the world of graphics, I would often give my services for free. On one occasion it took me over ten attempts to get a job right. The client was frustrated because the job was taking a long time, and I was frustrated because I couldn’t make them happy.

During that job there were some awkward “back and forths” in emails, to the point where I nearly threw in the towel.

So what did I learn?

Well apart from the obvious of charge your worth, I realised that I need to have a good relationship with a client to create the best design. I need to understand their thought process.

We are not designed to get on with everyone. I am well aware that some prospective clients I simply will not gel with, but that’s okay. Sometimes letting go is the better option.

If you think we can gel then get in touch!

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