Updating Your Brand Design: ZAZ Events

When I was younger I used to dress like an “emo”: my main colour choices were black, red, white and dark purple with flared trousers that got soaking when it rained (and living in Scotland it rained a lot!) Now I’m older I love colour – the brighter the better! Over time, like my “emo” phase, your style and your target market can change. So updating your brand is acceptable and a common practice in business.

Updating Your Brand 2019 ZAZ Events Moodboard

Between the ages of four and six I lived in Oman (my family travelled a lot). I remember the elegant buildings, painted white to reflect the sun and their blue and gold tiles on the roofs glistening. The souks were draped in vibrant reds, golds, blues and pinks – considering it was the desert there was a surprising amount of colour.

Updating Your Brand 2019 development design for ZAZ Events

It was my experience of the Middle East that interested Zayna from ZAZ Events. Her business provides Bohemian and Moroccan event decor for weddings and special occasions and wanted to update her brand design before attending a wedding fair.

Zayna wanted a connection between her event decor and her brand design with a mix of urban style. The design process can take it’s time; I like to ensure that my clients are 100% happy with their design, rather than restricting their ideas and thoughts. Initially, we tried a floral design which linked with the Bohemian style of her business. However through the design process Zayna settled on a mix of urban style with traditional Moroccan patterns.

Updating Your Brand 2019 ZAZ Events Final Flyer Design

The design was replicated on her Business Cards, Flyers and on her website. ZAZ Events’ website was setup on one page, making it easier for potential customers to find the information they needed. I love how the images from her events are so vibrant against her brand.

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