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"Inspired by Jo Watson, I booked Katie Cope to provide an audit of my website and some marketing materials. I received a 5 page report with some really helpful advice and observations. I have already made changes."
Magic Frank
Magic Frank
"Katie conducted a brand audit for me and it absolutely blew my mind.
When you're a business owner, out there on your own and doing 'all the things', it's impossible to get everything right. Things get missed and, dare I say it, even messy when it comes to branding and messaging. Katie highlighted areas that I had overlooked and that were potentially confusing to my clients and warm leads. She identified multiple areas for improvement, across my web presence and suggested how those areas could benefit from change. She didn't just point out the improvements needed either, she also highlighted the good - which is exceptionally useful because I can emulate that success across my site and social media presence. Thank you Katie, for providing an invaluable service to my business that will impact the experience my clients have.
Joelle Byrne
Katie carried out a Brand Audit for me. She let loose on my website and my social media pages; and scrutinised everything for issues in visuals, communication and identity.
I had three types of response when reading through her beautifully put together report:
"Oh cool, I'm really glad that's coming across well"
"Oh right, I'd never thought about that"
"Oh fuck, how the hell am I even in business?"
Thankfully, at least my words were all bloody brilliant (I have an excellent copywriter).
Getting a Brand Audit from someone more focused than me, more technical than me, and more objective than me is one of the many things I've committed to recently, to make sure my business is absolutely bang on.
That's a technical term, by the way.
If I don't take my own brand seriously, then I can't possibly expect anybody else to do it, can I?
Nice one, Katie. Now FFS, someone please hand me my laptop. I have issues to address!
Jo Watson


A Brand Audit is a great way to evaluate your Brand before you make any changes or additions to it. It looks at your brand design for your business and identifies areas of improvement so that you can increase your engagement in your target market. 


My Brand Audit looks at 3 main areas in your business:

  • Your consistency of your brand online and offline.
  • Your alignment with your business sector.
  • Your engagement on your target market. 


From the Audit you will received a document with a traffic light system highlighting the areas that may be impacting your brand. You may also be recommended some of my services that may benefit you based on the outcome of the Audit.

PRICE: £50 per audit



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