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Why my Brand Audit is your business’ Second Opinion

I am short-sighted and have been wearing glasses since the start of high school. Because things further than 20 centimetres away get blurry, it poses a challenge when I am trying out new frames. On one visit to the opticians I spent 3 HOURS trying to choose a frame because I couldn’t see whether they suited me or not. Now I take my husband as my “second eyes” to tell me if I suit them. In this instance getting a second opinion is a good thing.

When you run your own business you take on the role of multiple departments. You are the decision maker for everything and ultimately the buck stops with you. However, getting someone else’s point of view – like my husband and my glasses frames – can be just as important as your own thoughts.

What is a Brand Audit?

A second opinion.

Whether you have asked a designer to create your brand look, or have even done it yourself, having someone else look over it objectively can give you a different insight that can help with your business.

My Brand Audit identifies areas that could be impacting your engagement with your target market. This includes your consistency online and offline and your alignment with your industry sector. I suggest ways that you can improve your engagement and if I have any services that could help you I will offer them.

Should I invest in an Audit?

Well, funnily enough I’m going to say “YES!”

But in all seriousness, if you want to find out exactly how your brand design is performing it is a great way to evaluate it.

To book a Brand Audit please get it touch.

Or if you need a second opinion, take a look at how I’ve helped other businesses with their engagement.

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