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Importance of branding your small business

The importance of branding your small business can be illustrated perfectly with an example from my 5 year old son.

Since lockdown, the limit on screen time has somewhat disappeared for him (Mainly for my sanity!).

Because of this, he is seeing a lot more adverts between his favourite TV shows. This normally leads to the whiny comment of:

“Mummy I need that.”

It might seem a bit harsh that I’m not going to go off and buy him £70 worth of lego but, as his mother, I know that what he needs is actually a want.

For humans, needs are things we require to stay alive: water, food and shelter. Wants is a £70 lego pirate ship.

Importance of branding your small business. Boy playing with multicoloured lego on a black mat on a wooden floor
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Needs vs Wants

You may think his primitive requests are because he’s 5. But you are very much mistaken. Adults fall for this time and time again.

Think about your mobile phone for a minute. Why did you buy it?

Because of how sleek it looked in your hand.

How it came with the latest camera technology you are unlikely to use.

You imagined that warm happy feeling when you show your friends and they exclaim: “oo is that the new *insert phone make here*? Let’s see it.”

It feels good doesn’t it?

But ultimately it is just a phone. At its basic level you can text and pocket dial until your heart is content. And there are plenty of phones makers out there: Apple, Samsung, Motorola, and Huawei to name a few.

Importance of branding your small business. Mobile phone being held and taking a picture of a scenic lake
Photo by Nadine Shaabana on Unsplash

The Power of Branding

Branding makes your wants into your needs. I need food. I need water. I need that Lättskalad from Ikea because it will make a great talking point, god knows what it does but it sounds and looks interesting.

Branding is powerful. REALLY powerful. That powerful that Apple only needs to say they are releasing a new iPhone and have people queuing around the block to be the first to buy it. And because of this they make millions.

Importance of branding your small business

Of course, you may not be aiming for the six-figures (yet). Potentially having enough to buy a lego pirate ship without making a significant dent in your budget would be nice. However, implementing a branding strategy in a business’ infancy is a smart thing to do.

Branding strategy focuses on who you want your service or product to be seen by. It means instead of having to forever be visible on every social media channel going, you can direct your pitches to that one* audience. Ultimately you can get a sale without having to work flat out pitching.

Importance of branding your small business. Woman standing holding a white mug with the saying "Like a boss" on the front.
Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

So when you see a nice, shiny, new phone being advertised remember that behind it is a brand appealing to your wants.

Now, if you excuse me I need to go see a man about a pirate ship…

*You CAN have more than one audience but I will tell you how to do that later ;).

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