How to create a logo Brand by Katie

How to Create a Logo

Wondering how to create a logo for your business? Check out the first part of my process the initial sketch.

It can sometimes be a little bewildering working out how to create a logo. So I have created this blog to show you my process – so you can go on to either create your own logo or get to understand the steps before handing it over to a designer.

Initial Sketch

Whilst I will eventually design the logo digitally using Adobe Illustrator, I always start with initial sketches. I set myself a time-limit of 30 minutes and in that time try and sketch as many different ideas as possible for the logo. At this point I am not ruling out any ideas. Below is an example of me sketching logo ideas for my client Wharfedale Soaps.

After the 30 minutes are up I review all the designs and pick the ones that I think will work as a logo. I also use a notebook with dot paper so that I can ensure that the logo is symmetrical.

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