COVID-19 UPDATE: I am still accepting Projects

I am still happy to discuss your project however please be aware that I have altered my working times to accommodate childcare needs:

I now work between 7pm and 10pm Monday to Friday. Please feel free to contact me outside of these hours but I will only respond during my new working hours. 

I have also increased my invoice payment terms to assist with your cashflow during the pandemic, and of course, my payment plans are still available for new and current clients

What is your design process?

Design projects start once the initial deposit has been paid. There is a 3 stage process:

Moodboard: This is a one page document which helps to visually capture your ideas and my suggestions for your design. This document allows us to discuss what you would like/ dislike and what you would like to incorporate into your design.

Development: At this stage I will create 3 full designs for you to consider based on what has been discussed during the moodboard stage. You will have the opportunity to view the 3 designs and either use one design and amend to how you like it, or use elements from all 3 of the designs to create your final design.

Final Design: At the final design stage you will receive a 1 design that can be tweaked to create your final design. Once confirmed your design will be formatted or sent for printing dependent on the requirement.

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What if I need more than 3 development designs created?

Due to the time required to create designs, any additional designs requested at the development stage will be charged at £10.00 per design. 

How long does each element take to design?

This is very dependent on the development stage. As I have a collaborative approach to your project the timescale can vary dependent on what changes you would like to be made. If you are looking for an approximate timescale please get in touch and we can chat about your project.

Why are printing costs quoted separately?

For printed projects I send them to my preferred printing suppliers. As they can provide various quantities and finishes, I allow my clients to choose what would be best for their business.

Will you be working on my project alone?

My design services are non-exclusive therefore I may be working on other projects at the same time as yours. If you wish me to focus on your design only please get in touch and we can discuss your project further. 

How much is the deposit?

For all projects a 50% non-refundable deposit is required to be paid prior to any work commencing. This amount will be taken off the final invoice. For those on a payment plan the deposit is the first instalment. 

Who owns the copyright?

All designs created remains my copyright ( Katie W. Cope). You have been given permission to use the designs for your brand identity, and to reproduce them for your business both online and printed. Any designs created must not be used to discredit the designer and/or to be used to example your own design work. I will have the right to use your designs to promote my design skills online and printed.

If you wish me to incorporate a design into your project you are responsible for ensuring the correct copyright permissions have been obtained.