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Even superwomen need to mend their capes

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Yesterday I counted down the hours until my husband came home to take over the parenting duties. My youngest had decided that he neither wanted to be put down, nor held. Instead he had taken to just arching his back and crying at me. I had fed him, I had changed him, I had played with him, I’d even given him Calpol to soothe his teeth. Yet nothing made him happy.

In the back of my mind I was thinking about my business. For the last couple of months I have been working in the evenings due to reduced childcare. I’ve even fallen asleep at my laptop as I try to work.

When my husband arrived home I instantly gave the baby over to him to carry for a bit. I immediately felt relief, but also guilt that I didn’t want to hold him anymore.

My Tribe…

I am part of a tribe of awesome business women. Some of them are mothers, some of them are self employed, some of them have full-time jobs alongside their “hustle”.

This morning, one of said tribe had reached out to tell us she was overwhelmed due to her daughter being sick. Another reached out to tell us she feared for her relationship. These are women who get up and take whatever is thrown at them on a daily basis, why was this affecting them?

Even superwomen need to mend their capes.

There are just some days where that hole has gotten to large, and you need to sit down and patch it back up.

Whether it’s through handing a screaming child to your partner, to talking it through with your tribe. Or hell, hiding in the toilet for a bit (guess where I am?!)

What matters is you don’t let the hole get too big to fly.

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