Brand Business Review Service


Get a review of your business and learn exactly what you need to do to talk to your dream client!

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Want to know if you are REALLY talking to your Dream Clients?

Then get a business review with my Brand Aid Service

If you have never thought about your brand (or just bought a logo…), now is the time to be looking into it. Social Media has never been so noisy and if you rely on it to make sales then you need to know how to stand out from everyone else. 

But branding is a big subject and, as a business owner/ home-schooling teacher / all around superhuman, you do not have time to add another thing onto your ever increasing to-do list.

Don't worry.
I've got you covered.

Whilst you are knee deep in fronted adverbials (what even are those?!) I will go through your business and tell you EXACTLY what you need to get those customers noticing you. 

Brand Start yellow flatlay Brand by Katie

How the Service Works:

  1. Buy the service.
  2. Complete the form of a few questions about your business.
  3. Book a call at your convenience when your review is ready (usually 3 days and under).
  4. I will personally go over my findings with you and what you can change so you can talk to your dream client.

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