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Why Branding is so important

Branding helps your audience recognise who you are and gives them reassurance that they are buying from you. Branding is made up of two parts: Brand Strategy and Brand Design. Your Brand Design is like the cover of a book, the thing that draws you in and makes you interested in your product or service. Your Brand Strategy is your pages and content, this bit is where your customers engage with you at a more emotional level. You cannot have a book without the content therefore to create a strong brand you must have both parts. Check out my service Brand by Me to see how I can great a brand for your business.

Branding where to start?

I have 6 chapters to creating your brand story (see what I did there?): Consultation, Content, Creative, Conclusion, Consistency, Celebrate. You can check out an overview of each stage in my Brand by Me Service.

You need to start with your Brand Strategy first (aka Content), this is the detail of your business and the part that your audience is going to engage with the most. Once you understand your brand strategy you need to use the information to create your brand design.

If you want some help, sign up to my What’s Your Story series which is a daily email going over each part of the branding process straight to your inbox.

What is Brand Design?

Brand design is the visual representation of your business i.e. your logo, business cards, website, promotional material etc. When starting out, many business owners focus on creating their brand design first HOWEVER, to get a really strong brand design and to save money you need to invest in the brand strategy first. Have a look at some of my work for inspiration.


Establishing a brand identity takes time and Coca Cola also had to establish their brand over many, many years.

If you are looking for instant kudos and fame then my service is not for you. 

If you think that just hitting the design is going to work then my service is not for you.

Instead, my service gives you an incredible foundation for you to grow your brand how you want it, be consistent, and get that recognition that you truly deserves. Check out my Brand by Me Service to see how I can help

I am indeed! If you would like to talk to me about a project you can book in a 30 Minute Brand Consultation which is completely free.

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