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A blog for all of those running a business, being a parent with some tips and tricks about branding along the way!

My Blog is probably the best way I can get all my brand “geekiness” out without me chewing your ear off!

Here you will find my thoughts, feelings from the world of branding, and giving you a few tips and tricks along the way. 

There are be some “giggle” moments (hopefully not at the writing!) too!

And if this still doesn’t satisfy you then you can get in touch and we can natter on a one-on-one basis!

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Make cakes not war neon sign caterpillar cakes brand by Katie blog

How Caterpillar Cakes can ruin your 130 year old brand

This is not just any old bake off… I love a little bit of brand trivia and this is a great one: So this Company started 130 years ago in the Kirkgate Market in Leeds. The owner was a Jewish immigrant, and created the slogan “Don’t ask the price, it’s a penny.” As his business grew he found a partner. The business as it is known today was born (yes, I am deliberately not telling you the name).

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Cheap Logo Design artist doodling
Katie Cope

Cheap Logo Design 2020

Why it’s okay to get a cheap logo design, but if you believe in your business you shouldn’t The graphic design industry is over saturated.

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#wemakeevents red alert
Katie Cope

#wemakeevents 2020

#wemakeevents is highlighting how much the pandemic has impacted the events industry On Monday during Brand news on What the (Actual) Font?! I spoke about

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