Brand Identity Service

Let's show the world how amazing your business is!


Your business is on the cusp of being successful but you are tired...

You wish you didn’t have to spend so much time on social media getting clients, you would love them to just come to you.

You’ve tried Facebook Ads, Google Ads and anything else to attract your clients but it hasn’t worked.

You want your business to stand out, but you feel that it is being lost against all the other businesses doing the same as you.

You hate “car salesmen” tactics, but you are unsure how else to attract your customers.

You’re wondering whether to just to get a 9-5 job instead, even though you are sure that your business can be successful.

Sound Familiar?

Like a lot of female business owners you work so hard to keep your business going, but it can be incredibly frustrating when you are not seeing a pay off for all that hard work. 


You invest your time and money in 5 day challenges, perfect your sales pitch, even offer discounts on your services just to try and get a sale.


And yet the sales still aren’t there, or are so sporadic that you cannot rely on your business to give you a regular income. You have tried everything and still nothing has worked.


How would your life change if you:

Were confident that everyone in the world knew about your business and what you did.

Got return dream clients every month.

Had an incredible tribe of people who loved you and your business and shouted your name from the hills!

Knew that taking any time off your business wasn’t going to damage your reputation.

Spent less time and money on Marketing strategies that you were unsure would work.

This is what happens when you create a brand for your business!

Need Inspiration? Why not check out some of the other brands I have worked on in my portfolio>>

"Katie is an absolute DREAM to work with!!

Her creative visions and technical capabilities are outstanding. I was setting up my first business and had no idea how to go to market with my website/social media.

Katie collaboratively built my brand identity, logo, tone of voice and more. It really was the full service! I felt completely calm and stress-free throughout the process and felt further security knowing Katie was only a message away.

The open communication has been brilliant. Incredible value for money and I would highly highly recommend her services!!"

The Brand Identity Service

The Brand Identity Service includes your brand strategy and visuals to create an amazing and unique brand for your business. 

Whether you have a new business and looking to increase your industry presence, or a more established business looking to really make their mark, the Brand Identity Service can cater for your needs.

Brand Up

(3 instalments/in full)

This service is for you:

  • As a small business owner just starting out on your business journey.
  • Who has gained a small following of people who love what you do.
  • And is now looking to increase your presence in your industry.

Brand Up will provide you with the branding foundations you require to position yourself in your industry.

The service will identify your dream client and help you engage them through your brand story and visuals.

In this service you will receive a logo, social media elements and a 1-page website/ review of your website.

Brand Plus

(3 instalments/in full)

This service is for you:

  • As the owner of a business that has established itself over the last couple of years or more.
  • Has an amazing offering for your dream client.
  • And is now looking to grow your business so you can rely on it to create a regular income.

Brand Plus concentrates on your strategy, ensuring that your brand is maintained across everything you do in business.

You will already have a dream client that engages, and with this service it will increase that level of engagement to create a consistent income into your business.

With this service you will get any design work required to establish your brand. You will also receive a brand audit 6 months after your brand is launched to ensure that you remain consistent.

Not sure what service level is right for you? Why not book a chat and discuss the best next step for you.