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Why I think brand design could help us all save the planet
What A Waste Blog
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How applying brand consistency to bins could help save the planet.



I‘ve hit a new level in “adulting”.


After Christmas we took the plunge and bought a fancy bin. It splits into four – general waste, food waste, cardboard and plastic. It’s even got a sensor on the front (batteries not included) that opens the lid automatically. Impressive, huh?

I don’t profess to be a “green” person; I still buy a bag for life when I forget the other million in the bottom kitchen drawer. However, after seeing that video of the straw stuck up a turtle’s nose I’ve stopped putting them in my drink (the straws, not the turtle), and of course now I have my super duper four-way bin…

I am all for making an effort to look after the Earth, but it was a visit to my parents that made me realise that one little thing has made it harder for us all.



Which Bin?

My parent’s have their recycle bins at the back of the house. As I stood there, nappy bag in hand, I was confused – did my mother just tell me to put it in the black one? You see, for us ( in Manchester) the black bin is for plastics and glass, not general waste.

Back home I did a quick search on recycle bins in Greater Manchester (because that is how exciting my life is nowadays). Not one Council had the same coloured bins for the same waste stream.

For us, the green bin is general waste, blue is for paper and card, black for plastics and glass, and brown for garden waste. But in other councils green was for garden waste, blue for plastics, in one they even had red bins!



Why is the colour of bins important?

Colours can be emotive: when I am designing I use mostly blues and greys if I am working with a corporate client, purples if someone is more creative and greens for nature and health. Coloured bins work in the same way. The problem is, if you have no consistency in the colours you are using in your brand people start getting confused (like I did on the back door of my parents’ house) to the point where they just won’t bother. And for companies this can mean losing out on business.

When it comes to brand design you have to be consistent so your customers can identify you and trust you. This not only includes the same colours, but also the same typeface, logo and text alignment.


So if you don’t want to waste an opportunity for a sale – or to save the planet – be consistent.


Katie x


If you want my help in getting your brand consistent get in touch.

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