Brand by You

£30 a month or £342 12 months

Get the most out of your brand identity and access tons of tutorials and resources to help you create an amazing noticeable brand!

Have you got a brand (or think you have one…) and not quite sure how to use it? Then I would love you to join Brand by You. 

Brand by You is your resource area to help you get your brand looking EPIC! It is packed full of tutorials and resources and has been created so that you can dip in and out of the content as and when you need it. 

No longer do you need to fear posting something your audience may hate, and no more scrolling endlessly on Google to find the right answer. 

It’s all here, in Brand by You.

What the Members Say

Testimonial for Brand by You from Magic Frank

What's Included?

Price: £30 a month or
£342 12 months

    • Strategy and design resources in one place that are updated every quarter.

    • Free access to future workshops.

    • A monthly Q&A session to ask specific questions about your business.

    • Access to What the (Actual) Font?! (if you are not already there!)

    • 30% off my 1:1 service (if DIY turns out not to be for you.)

6 month guarantee

If in 6 months you are not satisfied with the results you will receive 100% refund of your membership*. 

Frequently Asked Questions

You will need to invest a bit of time into getting your brand in place. The biggest area is the Strategy however if you do a little bit each week it will help.  In the membership I will be adding approximate times of how long each area should take so you can plan your time accordingly. 

No. Branding is not a quick fix and it takes time for it to get established. But it does make doing everything else 10x easier!

I am only opening the membership at certain times of the year. This is so that the members can get the attention that they require. If you cannot join right now you can pop me an email at and I can notify you when the membership reopens.

Unfortunately I cannot answer that for you. However I’m happy for you to contact me and I will happily answer any concerns that you may have. 

All I ask is that you give it at least 6 months to try it. If after 6 months you have not seen the results you wanted you can get a 100% refund.

You can also cancel at any time. Please see my terms and conditions.

Please see the full terms and conditions.