Brand by Me

My 1:1 service that ensures that your business is "brandtastic"
(sorry, I couldn't help myself...)

Strategy: £1200
Design from: £400

Brand by Me is just that...

This is my 1:1 service for those who want their brand to really stand out. Through the service we will create an amazing, original brand for your business that is going to help you bring in consistent sales and a loyal audience. 

See what happens below!

Planning makes perfect...

For a brand to truly stand the test of time we have to do the planning first. Fortunately for you, with the Brand by Me package I do all the planning for you!


Through 1:1 chats (socially distant of course!) I get to understand your business and the person running it (that’s you!) We delve deep into whether the house in the countryside is the end result of your blood, sweat and tears, or having a warm feeling inside when you know that you’ve helped someone (FYI, you can have both!)


We will get up close and personal with your target audience and competitors – don’t worry though I do all the research for both! This will help you and your business stand out from everyone else and get you chatting to your audience like they are your best friend.


Talking about someone behind there back is normally frowned upon, but not in the branding world! Is it your knowledge and expertise? Or perhaps it’s because you always break the rules? Whatever it is, we will make sure that when they talk about you it is something that will get people interested!


Through this work we will start to make your business become more human; it has thoughts, feelings, dreams and desires – everything that your audience can relate to and invest in.

Brand by Me Brand Identity book

Now to the design...

Brand by Me Planning

At the design stage the costs can vary as your design requirements are unique to your business – why would I give you a design for 500 printed flyers when your audience is all online (which you will know from our planning!)? Your design elements are tailored to your business and can include:

At the beginning of the design stage you will receive 3 different ways your brand could look and what aligns with the planning stage (aka your strategy). You get to choose one of the designs and we can start creating everything your business needs to really make your brand stand out.

  • Logo design
  • Website design
  • Flyer design
  • Business card design
  • Social media elements and templates
  • Business stationery
  • Event promotional requirements (e.g.pop up banners)

You will be involved throughout the design process. Each element (except Website design) will have 3 fully developed designs created for you to view an amend. There will be a second round of designs based on your feedback and then a final round making only a few amendments before we finalise and you receive the final design. 


For website design you will get the opportunity to view a live version of your website and make comments directly on the website to amend. And, if required we can arrange printing of your designs too!

The finale...

At the end of the Brand by Me service you will receive your brand care guide. Unlike IKEA’s instructions this will give you all the details you need to keep your brand consistent and beautiful.

AND for that extra piece of mind after 6 months I will do a full brand audit, keeping you and your business brand healthy!

Brand by me package

WAIT! There's more...

As a 1:1 client you will get your very own client area.  This area is private to you and will have all the details of your brand project including what stage we are at and any important documents. 


No longer will you need to trawl through a sea of emails to work out what we decided, it will all be there!

Ready to get the brand you truly deserve?

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