Hi, I'm Katie!

Mum of 2, wife, dog owner and on a mission to help business mums create a successful businesses through brand design.

The reason why mums start businesses...

As a business owner and mum myself, I have experienced first hand the struggles and oppositions that mums face when trying to get a successful business off the ground. From finding the time around childcare to responding to negativity from friends, family and strangers.

Mums like me do not go into business lightly and therefore when we take that leap they are already under enormous pressure to perform and succeed in such a short space of time, whilst still juggling childcare and management of the household. 

Mums never get away from the negativity that surrounds their decision to leave the 9-5.

Either people simply do not believe they can do it, or that they are selfish for pursuing something other than bringing up of their children.

In fact, this is the exact opposite reason why mums go into business.

They have realised that the standard working hours does not provide the flexibility that is required when bringing up children, resulting in guilt of either leaving work early or missing out on a significant moment in their child’s life.

They have also realised that since becoming a parent their career progression has been severely stunted and therefore, they cannot reach the salary that they deserve, regardless of their skills and knowledge.

Brand by Katie helps mums get the success that they are looking for.

From the beginning, my business gives my clients the flexibility to deal with any issues that arise either in their personal or business life. 

I listen to your requirements first, and give my advice based on your requirements. 

My 1:1 service has been created so that it is personal to you – after all, you and your business is different from everyone else – and I won’t be pushing you to get something that you do not need. 

Let me help you succeed

My Mission

It is my mission to:

Help you create a successful business with the flexibility you need for your family.

Encourage women to start their own business.

Prove that mums have much more to give than raising their children.

Empower the next generation of women to become entrepreneurs.