I am on a mission to get small businesses to invest in their brand identity

Running a successful business can be both rewarding and frustrating. It can be time consuming reminding your target audience who you are and what you do, and to pitch for work with very little or no return. 


Your time is valuable.


As a Brand Designer, I know that having a solid and consistent brand identity can be so beneficial to a business.  It can  free up your time to focus on developing and evolving your business. It can also create a loyal audience and consistent sales.

Brand by Me Website design for the Mindful Stop
Website Design for The Mindful Stop

Why Brand Identity?

I have always been in love with adverts (Honda’s well balanced car parts and Ford Ka’s Evil twin being a couple of my favourites). But as I delved deeper I realised that there were a lot more that goes behind those perfectly balanced car parts.


Brand Identity intrigues me: I love learning about how certain colours or certain fonts can make someone love a product or service, or completely hate it.

Helping you become successful

Helping  people succeed has always been a value of mine when I set up Brand By Katie and I know even a little bit of help can go a long way.


When you work with me you will be getting a friend: I have a collaborative approach to projects and love hearing your ideas and suggestions – after all, no one knows you business better than you!


I believe that communication is key to any project so you don’t need to be afraid to chat to me. I am happy to help you find the solution you are looking for.


Our lives can often be very busy, therefore I won’t hound you for an answer or feedback on projects but may give you the occasional nudge instead!


For all small business to implement a brand identity as one of their main priorities.

Current Mission

For all small businesses  to invest in their brand identity.


  • My audience is at different stages of their business journey and therefore require different resources to help them grow. I will always listen to their needs and will get the help and advice they need, even if it is not from me.
  • I value my audience’s respect and safety. I will always be respectful of your opinions regardless of whether I agree or not. My community space will always be an inclusive, safe space and is a zero tolerance to bullying and harassment of any nature.

  • I want you to achieve your goals and so I will use my skills and experience to help you achieve them. When you achieve them, I will be celebrating them, even if it means you have outgrown me.

  • I believe that everyone deserves the best possible experience and therefore my standards are high.

  • My business is not just about profit. I am committed to looking at and investing in projects that help give others the opportunities and education that I had.

My Story

Katie W Cope headshot helping businesses be successful
I’m Katie and as my business name suggests I am a geek when it comes to brand!

My story starts in 2019. I was seven months pregnant with my little (little) one and had been made redundant from my full-time employment.


It was unlikely I would find another job before my little (little) one was born. I was also suffering from PGP and required crutches to move and prescribed pain killers.


I had been dabbling over the last few years in part-time self employment. However, I had never seen it as a potential main source of income. 


In April 2020 my business celebrated its 1st birthday. 


I certainly wouldn’t recommend my way of starting your own business, but it has been the most incredible experience so far!