Hi I'm Katie!

Brand Designer & Specialist helping mums create memorable and recognisable businesses through branding

Brand Designer Brand by Katie

Starting out...

Brand by Katie was setup in 2019 when my full-time position in the Events Industry was made redundant. At the time I was 7 months pregnant with my second child.

Before I specialised as a Brand Designer, I setup my business as a Graphic Designer.  My aim was to help small businesses with any design requirements they needed.

I quickly realised that the Graphic Design Industry is saturated. When someone uttered the word “logo” at least 70+ designers would appear pitching for business.

This was before I had the chance to type my best marketing copy!

I am a busy mum. I don’t have time to constantly write work proposals, nor to sit on social media all day pitching for work to get no return.

My Time is precious...

I wanted to find a better way to connect with my customers and I started looking into branding.

I knew that the big businesses such as Apple, Coca Cola and Google all invested heavily in their branding.

How  could this make such a significant impact on their businesses?

Branding has two parts – the design and the strategy. Although I was more familiar with the design side, I realised that there needed to be a strategy behind all the visuals.

This is what the big businesses knew. By investing in their design and strategy they created a more meaningful relationship with their customers. Therefore, increasing loyalty and sales.

agoodwriteup logo on a mug
Logo design for agoodwriteup

Many small businesses miss the strategy part to their brand...

This has a significant impact on their business. 

By not having a clear brand it increases their marketing overheads as you try to target everyone.

You are forced to constantly pitch and therefore opening yourself up to reducing your prices.

You are unable to engage customers at deeper level, and therefore unable to generate repeat sales.

I want to help small businesses – specifically owned by mums – gain the loyal audience and repeat sales. And I do this by telling your brand story though brand strategy and design.

My Work...

As a Brand Designer and Specialist I work with businesses from all types of industries including Copywriting, Baking, personalised gifts and Health and Wellness.

I love nothing more than to see businesses flourish because of the results I get them.

My approach is with honesty, communication and empathy.

As a brand specialist I give my honest opinions so you can make the best decision for your business.

I encourage my clients to voice their opinions throughout the branding process.

And, as a mum and business owner I understand that sometimes life gets in the way, and that’s okay.

Brand Designer The Mindful Stop Website
Website Design for The Mindful Stop

The 6 Chapters to telling your brand story...

Branding can be an overwhelming subject.

My process is broken down into 6 easy to manage Chapters that can be worked on over time: Clarity, Content, Creative, Conclusion, Consistency and Celebrate.

This is the same process I use myself, in my 1:1 service and is exactly what I teach in my free Facebook group and DIY resources.

The Result

These Chapters have helped many of my clients become more consistent, see better engagement with their target audience and reduce their need to pitch for work.


And for me?


This year (2020) over 70% of my clients have been repeat, referrals or have found my brand. No pitching required.


In my first year of business I broke even (at the same time as having a new-born, a 6-year-old and then a subsequent pandemic!)


I want all business mums to have a strong brand so that they can experience the success and rewards that my clients and I have had.


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