Brand Designer & Specialist

Hi! I’m Katie.  A Brand Designer  and Specialist, and the Owner and Founder of Brand by Katie: a Manchester based Brand Design Agency helping amazing female led businesses create their brand identity.

Brand Designer Brand by Katie

My Story

Brand by Katie was setup in 2019 when my full-time position was made redundant. At the time I was 7 months pregnant with my second child.

Staying in bed and waiting until it was all over is not my style. So the day after I was made redundant I got up and set about starting a business.

By the end of the week I had a graphic design business up and running, offering my services to small businesses.

I don't want to be a pushy Car Salesman!

As I settled into my business I found that I hated the selling process.

It felt very cold and demanding. I wanted to make connections with people, not just ask them to buy my services.  I started to search for an alternative method to  “selling your stuff like a pushy car salesman”. As I searched I found myself being drawn to branding. 

Branding is a way of selling. But though creating connections instead of shouting “BUY MY STUFF” at every given moment possible.

It also has massive benefits: by creating a deeper connection I could increase the loyalty of my customers. It also meant I could stop pitching my services so frequently because clients came to me.

Invest in Branding

As I researched I found that many start-up and small businesses never invest entirely in their branding.

You initially start with a logo, a few nice colours and hope for the best. And, as much as I love the design side, I realised that the visuals alone was not enough for customers to get emotionally invested in your business. 

So in 2020 I made a big change to my business offering. I removed the design services and now incorporate them into my only 1:1 bespoke branding service.

It means that I can help create a solid brand that I know is going to increase the businesses’ visibility and consistency.

Therefore you are able to create meaningful connections with your customers and not resort to pushy sales tactics that so many people are turned off by. 

Which ultimately will create a sustainable income and business. Giving you the peace of mind that you can actually leave social media for a bit and not lose any sales.

My Work

I have had the pleasure of working with some amazing female business owners in various industries including Copywriting, Baking, Personal Gifts and Health and Wellness. 

I love nothing more than to see female led businesses flourish.

Women by default receive less funding and support for their businesses and, although steps have been made to reduce this gap between our male counterparts more needs to be done, and the only way to do this is to have successful female led businesses being part of the discussion. 


Are you an ambitious female business owner ?