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My Story

I’m Katie: Wife, mum of 2 and owner to a very soppy staffy called Star (you may see her in my social media every now and again!)


Brand by Katie was setup in 2019 when my full time position was made redundant; at the time I was 7 months pregnant with my youngest. I got 1 week’s pay, 8 days holiday pay and no redundancy.


I had 2 choices: get another full-time job just before I went on maternity leave, or start a business.


I chose the latter!


Brand by Katie is now in its second year of business and offers branding services to female business owners in the UK.

How Branding Helps Female Business Owners

Branding is an investment, but can be incredibly lucrative for female business owners. 

Businesses can increase their revenue by 23% with a recognisable brand. They can also reduce marketing spend (FYI: so far all of my advertisement has been 100% organic!) 

It saves time too: no longer do you need to be “present” on every social media platform. By its nature branding streamlines your process, focusing only in areas where your customers are.

Therefore you can focus on growing your business.

Championing Female Entrepreneurs

The recent pandemic has shown we need more female entrepreneurs in the decision making process. But to be considered they need to have a financially successful business. 

At all stages of the business journey we are at a disadvantage. Funding is less likely to be awarded to female entrepreneurs, leaving us exposed to social and economic issues. 

Yet it has been proven that we provide a better return on investment, and if we grew our businesses at the same rate as men we would add up to £250 billion into the economy.

This is why I specialise in helping female business owners

With a consistent brand you can focus your time and money to growing your business and to make the impact and changes in the world that are needed.

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