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14 Days of Isolation

My family’s experience of staying at home

Yesterday the little (little) one was sent home with a fever. Considering the current climate the entire household (big (little) one, husband and dog included) are now in self-isolation for 14 days. I am going to be blogging about the experience…


Spring Cleaning

We continued tidying up today and managed to clear the living room. Now there is actually space to move. Even got the big (little) one to do some hoovering. He did get a reward for his efforts!

Getting Virtual

As we are unable to see others we are getting more and more savvy with virtual communication. We have been using Whatsapp to keep in touch with family and last night we had a quiz night over Facebook Messenger with a few friends. At first, it felt a little odd as we only ever socialise with them when we go out but it actually felt nice to talk to them.

The reality

I realise that I have been doing this blog update for a week. My family have been doing our best to stay away from others even though we are 99% certain that none of us have the disease – it is that 1% that we worry about.

Yet, as we watch the news and listen to the radio we hear people are still not practising social distancing. This angers both me and my husband for a number of reasons:

  • We both have relatives with compromised health. Although they have isolated themselves they may have come into contact with someone with the disease and they just don’t know.
  • Our children: although it is not affecting the younger generation as much our children do not have the same immune system as us. They too, if they got it, could find it hard to fight it.
  • We have friends who are key workers who could be getting exposed to the disease because people are being selfish.

Is it so hard to just stay inside for a bit? All those times that you’ve wished you could just have a day off work as you travel to work, coffee in hand and rubbing your eyes. Now is that time.

As I teach my sons on a daily basis: how do you think they feel?


  • Feeling: Annoyed
  • Number of brews consumed: 10+


Shopping Statistics

We usually do our weekly shop on a Friday. So, as we are in self isolation (and didn’t panic buy like some other members of society) my husband’s Uncle went shopping for us.

Like many stores produce is hard to come by. We did try to think out of the box as hubby is a homemade chef so he can make pasta and pizza dough. I’m curious to find out whether all those who have now got enough flour to last a lifetime if they’ve ever used it before. Or whether it is just going to languish in your overflowing cupboards until it goes out of date.

On the plus side the dog is sorted so if worst comes to worst we have plenty of processed meat in gravy.

Getting out

Since self isolation started we have been going for more and more drives. Although it is to get some air (whilst staying in the car at all times) it has been nice to explore where we live – something we rarely do.

As we are on the edge of the Pennines we drove to Holmfirth and back. It was a nice sunny day with gorgeous scenery to look at. It makes you appreciate where you live.

Dovestones Reservoir – Self Isolation Drive

Work, Work, Work

This afternoon I continued working on my preparation to go live in my group What the (Actual) Font?!. With more and more people needing to network online this is an opportunity for me to help others get a consistent brand to become more visible online.

Current Status

  • Food: Well, the dog is covered!
  • Business: Not going down without a fight.
  • Countryside Trips: 1


In light of the the PM’s announcement of the schools closing we decided to let the big (little) one off school work today. I can’t exhaust all my lesson ideas in the first two weeks!

Countless episodes of Captain Underpants and pancakes later, hubby took both boys out so that I could work on my business.

The show must go on…

Regardless of Coronavirus I am determined to make my business work. So today I sat and figured out what I am going to do in my business for the next quarter. I am very aware that CV is going to have an impact on my business, but regardless I planned as if it wasn’t here. My inspiration was a podcast on Screw the nine to five about planning. I have tried doing S.M.A.R.T planning, and goal setting and never kept to it. This way (although it does probably incorporate S.M.A.R.T planning and goal setting) it seems much more relaxed which is what I like!

Supplies delivered!

Hubby finally cracked and we ended up ordering some alcohol using Uber Eats. It might seem a bit pathetic but as I sit here with my raspberry gin and lemonade I don’t care 😉

A Cross on the door…

This evening our lovely local milkman knocked on our door to collect his weekly payment. I have paid the dairy through a bank transfer however, I am assuming the message has not got to him yet.

In hindsight I could have just shouted through the door that we can’t open it, but instead I decided to write a note and stick it on the door knowing that he would come back later.

There was part of me that wanted to open the door, after all, I’m pretty sure we don’t have CV. However, I didn’t want to risk it.

Social Plans…

Annoyingly, this isolation has claimed my social life a little. This Saturday I was going to go out with the girls. Due to many reasons (busy schedule, children etc) this would have been the first time being an “adult” for 6 weeks.

The bar we were going to is still open. But all of us we decided it would be better if we postponed. With some of us have children, and others being nurses and in self isolation we decided to be sensible and not meet.

Current Status

  • Alcohol: Replenished 🙂
  • Mood: Reflective
  • Children’s TV: Captain Underpants – a LOT of it!


Following on from yesterday we got up in earnest to carry on with the big (little) one’s schooling.

It was too good to last…

Today was “make a rocket” day. Unfortunately, he got that excited about the entire thing that he started being silly so the lesson had to stop – cue a full on breakdown with screaming and crying…Me and hubby separately looked up whether alcohol could be delivered.

Getting Out…

Powering through, we decided to go for a “self-isolation” drive to get the little (little) one asleep. We drove up into the Pennines and back again, fortunately the little (little) one went to sleep for almost 2 hours.

Feeling the impact…

I continued cancelling things today. The dog was booked into kennels at the beginning of April as we were going away which we had to cancel. And, as we are in a 14 day isolation we also cancelled her Kennel Cough top-up at the vet.

As a business owner I am starting to feel the impacts of Coronavirus. Several of my clients have had to put their projects on hold until everything becomes more settled. With this in mind I have started to pivot my business so that I can give a different offering. Do I feel guilty that I am making money in a situation such as this? Yes. But more than anything it is keeping me sane being able to continue working.

Current Status

  • Number of Children: 2…although it was touch and go for the big (little) one!
  • Children’s TV: Pretty much on since 2pm
  • Alcohol: Not enough…


Ironically when we woke up this morning the little (little) one’s fever, which had put us in isolation initially, had now disappeared. However, consider you can exhibit no symptoms the isolation still continues…

D.I.Y Homeschooling

Our biggest concern is entertaining the big (little) one for 14 days. As much as he’d love to watch CBeebies all day he needs to have a lot more stimulation than that. Last night me and the hubby sat down and wrote him a lesson plan. Our aim: something engaging and to get him learning without even noticing.

This week is Space. It seemed to go down well. He has written about Saturn, told an Alien where to visit in the world (I am assuming the Alien is immune to Coronavirus) and helped the spacemen with their rocket countdown.


We have of course notified nursery and school of absences. However it is things you don’t think of that has a big impact. We usually pay our milkman cash-in-hand so now we have to bank transfer it instead. Our dog is currently half way through treatment for kennel cough which we have also cancelled as it falls inside the 14 day isolation.

My husband – who is an active member of am dram theatre – has had his play postponed for the foreseeable future. Locally, all the theatres have now cancelled their performances. This could have such a devastating impact on them considering most, if not all, are charities.

We are fortunate enough to have relatives nearby who we have drafted in to deliver essentials to our door before retreating. Like many are finding out, there are no home delivery slots until next week.

Little Jobs

One thing that the isolation has done (even on day one) has highlighted the fact that our house is a s***tip! We are a REALLY busy household, and usually end up dumping things at the door. Now we actually have to stare at it for 14 days we have started moving and tidying things away.

There is always a positive

Dog sitting down Brand by Katie

The dog is ecstatic. She has just inherited a whole family of play mates. She has woofed and wagged her tail all day.

Current status:

  • Toilet rolls: enough – for now.
  • Alcohol: Lacking somewhat but okay.
  • Sanity: Holding

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