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The only Brand Design Company for business mums.

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Brand by Me

My 1:1 service will help you get the structure and design of your brand in place for you to use and grow.

Brand by You

Create your own brand identity and access training and resources to implement your own brand.

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Brand Identity is an investment and does not work overnight. 

However, if you are frustrated about posting daily on social media with no engagement, and tired of pitching with no return on investment then you need to work on your brand. 

Find out what brand identity is and how it can help you become visible clicking the button below.

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What I Value


I know that when you have all the facts you can make the best decisions for your business. Therefore if issues arise I will tell you.


I may not have experienced your situation but I know that you need time to deal with it. I will never hound you for answers or feedback but you might get a friendly nudge!


I encourage you to speak up and give me feedback – good and bad. Listening is such an important part of the Brand process so this is a main priority.

No room for hate

I do not tolerate any bullying, harassment or racism of any kind in any part of my business or online communities. There is no need. My spaces are safe spaces with no room for judgement.


I believe that learning never stops. I am constantly learning through my work, from others, through courses and conferences so that I can give you the best service as possible. And when I have learnt it, I will pass that knowledge on so others can learn too.

Hard Work

Things are not going to just fall into my lap, I have to work hard to get what I want.


When you win, I will celebrate with you. When you need help, I will help. When you need a shout out – I will be shouting, regardless of whether you are a competitor or not.


I will help those who need help, and sometimes that may be more than I give others.