Hi I'm Katie!

I run a branding agency based in Manchester for female business owners

Every business should have a Brand Identity

My branding agency works with you to create a brand that completely represents you and that you adore!

Having a brand identity is an important part of your business regardless of how big your business is, or how long you have been running it.

Branding can bring incredible benefits to your business, but it is not a “quick fix” and has to be maintained throughout your business journey.

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Getting Clear on your Business

Knowing who you are, who you serve and what you stand for can be difficult to decide to the point of being overwhelmed by it. 

Through my services I help you get answers to all of these questions and more so that you are confident and comfortable that your business is going in the direction YOU want it to go!

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Championing Female Entrepreneurs

I know how challenging running a business can be as a female. Not only are we juggling the day-to-day running of a business, we are also in charge of family responsibilities and face criticism of our choice to be a business owner. 

We are also more exposed to risks such as the recent pandemic, with very few female owned businesses being granted funding. 

But when women run businesses we increase employment opportunities and have more of a social impact than our male counterparts. 

This is why I specialise and champion female business owners – I want you to get the success you want.

Some of my Clients

Rebranding the Digital Fixers, new logo
Brand Designer agoodwriteup Logo Design
Droylsden Little Theatre Final Logo


Charge your worth, and respect the worth of others

With your skills and knowledge you DESERVE to charge your worth. You’ve earned it. Don’t be pressured into lowering your prices just because others do not see the value. And in turn, respect others and do not expect discounts or freebies. 

Champion everyone, even your competitors

There is room for everyone to succeed and when they do they should be celebrated.

Equity over Equality

Everyone has the right to ask for help, and it’s okay that some will need more help than others.

Learning never stops

Continual learning means we are exposed to new ideas and opinions. Learning helps us communicate better with each other, and consider and respect others opinions even if we do not agree with it. 

There is no room for hate

Bullying, harassment, prejudice and racism of any kind has no room in today’s society.