Making your Mark

Creating original brands identities for female entrepreneurs

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What We Do

We are a Branding Agency based in Manchester helping female entrepreneurs create, maintain and protect their brand identity.

Here at Keppel Leopard Creative we know that having a consistent and unique brand identity can help increase your income by 23%, leading to more opportunities and increasing your income further.

Why We Do it

We want all female-led businesses to succeed in their own way. 

We know that you don’t need “gurus” telling you the “right way” to do things and you certainly won’t find us lecturing you on your own business!

We know that just by being YOU sells.

With more female entrepreneurs, the world will be a much more balanced place.

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Helping you Make your Mark

We provide both brand strategy and brand design services on a 1:1 basis or through our membership.

Whether you have an established business or just starting out, our services can cater to your needs.